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Zeynah has a passion for skin care and makeup, being a makeup enthusiast at a young age, she has gone and inherited the passion of learning tips and tricks and loves sharing them with people, through her personal blog or her instagram account. Zeynah has lived in London and currently lives in Dubai, where she notices the makeup industry is fast moving with advances, so continuing her passion is a must. She will be our skincare and makeup guru for quick tricks and tips, keeping our Vieve Living readers entertained.

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Skincare routines, Do they even matter?

Skincare Taking care of your skin is a tricky thing, when it comes to figuring out what type of skin you have, it’s never easy, this being, your skin is constantly changing due to the…

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Hey guys, I’ve always wanted to create something for the world to see in regard to my daily routines, it could be a makeup routine or just a simple skin care routine. I see how…

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