Her Voice ImageThere is an inner voice that speaks to us, as cliched as it may sound, it”s true.  When I hit the age of forty-two (42) that voice became so audible that, it made its way up to my brain then to my fingers.  AS I typed…something surreal happened.  Creativity Overflowed!

Having been married from the young age of twenty-two, raising my three “prides of joy and happiness”, being an entrepreneur and striving to be the best wife and mother…my major roles, I began to feel an immense feeling of unfulfillment and sadness. As my kids grew older, I was able to follow a dream I tucked away neatly, for quite a few years.

After the death of a close family member, I turned to my mobile and outpoured by soul in poetry, approximately two hundred (200) verses, in 2010.  Writing became my solace, salvation and sanity.

One evening after dinner in 2015, I sat watching television and quite ordinaritly, an idea and image came to mind for a story.  I retrieved my laptop immediately and began to type, over the next three (3) months I hammered on the keys in between my motherly and wifely duties.  I devoured and savored those times, when I could express my thoughts, as easily as they came…I transcribed them into a fiction – my first book.  I was listening intently to my inner voice.

Rosa Maria Bella Fuentes, was conceived and the story of her life, as an inspiring author who lived in Texas, suffered a fatal accident, fell in love with her doctor, reminisced about her childhood in the Caribbean and a twist plot ending, was ll conjured up in my novella which would be titled…ironically…”HER VOICE”.

Finding my fevor at “forty something”, enlightened my path, pushing me to pursue my passion!.  Knowing what completes that part of your soul with inner peace and joy, is simply life altering.  More than anything, I want my children to know that, at any age, you can achieve your desires.

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