Taking care of your skin is a tricky thing, when it comes to figuring out what type of skin you have, it’s never easy, this being, your skin is constantly changing due to the weather or your hormones or even because of your food intake! (your diet).
Oily, combination, dry, you know what I mean, but does that even matter? At some point of our lives we will endure breakouts, we will experience dry skin and when it’s that time of the month we for sure do not have control over our hormones.
Looking after your skin is just as important as feeding yourself, honestly speaking, try going a week without a proper skin care routine and guaranteed you will feel the difference and it won’t be good!
Take time out to look after yourself, mind body and soul.
We all use the excuse of “not having enough time” but in all honesty it is a load of rubbish because quite frankly you cannot see the need of having a good skincare routine if you don’t at least start investing in one.
In my next post I will be discussing in detail my day and night time skincare routine alongside pictures of what products i use, where to get them, how much it costs and what job it does.
Miracles do not work over night, but we have to start from somewhere!


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