Hey guys,

I’ve always wanted to create something for the world to see in regard to my daily routines, it could be a makeup routine or just a simple skin care routine. I see how powerful skincare or makeup tips can be, just one DIY face mask or current makeup routine could really change a person’s life. I personally love makeup and not only think it is an art, but it is my greatest passion. As women, there is always competition when it comes to being ourselves, one thing we should all do is embrace our natural beauty. Sure, wearing makeup makes us feel confident but on the other hand we should feel comfortable in our own skin!

In the next few blog posts, I will be sharing my current skin care routine, my go to high end and drug store foundations, and hopefully I can achieve some sort of goal within this platform! If you are reading this then, welcome to Vieve Living and thank you so much for even reading this far ahead!


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